Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yes, it has been months since I have blogged. What can I say? It's been busy around here!
All is well and we are moving forward with the new year. Lots of activity is going on around here. Basketball, swim team, gymnastics, and I have signed myself up for a 10K race in March. (I'm excited!)

I know that it is only January, but I am ready for spring. The girls are doing well with there studies. Reading is going very with the little one. Abeka has been working great. I have mainly been using Abeka's Reading Handbook, and giving her a lot of opportunities to read regular
books aloud, and playing fun games with letters and words.She is becoming a lot more confident.

I'd like to add either an explode the code book or an Abeka phonics workbook. I am leaning more towards ETC4 and the Teacher's books for additional activities. I will decide and order this week.

GiGi has also finally learned to tie her shoes. This is one of those things that can often be overlooked in these days of crocs and velcro closings.

Have a great day!


CoffeeShopBloggers said...

We used Explode the Code and Kumon Phonics Program. Explode the Code is better. All my teacher friends recommended it to me when I looked for a phonics program. I highly recommend it. I blog on other phonics programs at See entry: Phonics Workbooks. Hope this helps you A Home School Journey!

Pragmatic Mom

aisha said...

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Mindy said...

After hearing so much about Explode the Code I have now started it with my son. He loves it and enjoys feeling like such a big kid when he can move ahead to the next page without having to wait for instructions!! I hope he will continue to enjoy it as we continue through the higher levels as well. said...

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