Sunday, February 20, 2005

I can't believe it's been 4 yrs..

As I begin to think about planning for the next "school year", it's hard to believe that I have been teaching my daughter at home for 4yrs. I truly didn't expect to continue for this long after pulling her out of private school. I guess God had other plans! It has been both a challenging and exciting journey.

Why did you begin homeschooling? What has made you continue?

For my husband and I, we were not satisfied with my daughter's school at the time. Great school, but not really meeting our daughter's needs. We pulled her out rather quickly, and jumped headfirst into this journey. We have continued for many reasons to name a few: The time we have to talk about God's Word and prayer is priceless. We have also seen our daughter's love for learning flourish and her true talents spring forth. I don't think we could have gained a clear picture of those talents with her away from us 6-7hrs a day. It is also extremely convenient for our family travels.

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