Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"Commit your works to the Lord, and your plans will be established" ~ Proverbs 16:3 Posted by Picasa

This is our fifth year of homeschooling, and we are in the middle of the fourth week. Things are basically going well, but I'm finding that I must "tweak" our schedule. Teaching with a toddler at bay has given us extra excitement this year. :)

Through all of the pre-planning and "tweaking", one thing is for sure: without the Lord guiding me, I would not be able to teach my children. I have already experienced those days when my plans would not work. I have to seek the Lord daily so He can show me how I need to orchestrate our day. It never fails that when I seek Him, the day runs smoothly, and when I don't, frustration and chaos abound.

I am so glad that the Lord is leading my life and taking me along the path of this homeschool journey. Allow Him to lead yours.

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Gem said...

This is our first year of "real" homeschooling (we did kindergarten last year), and teaching with a toddler at bay is making me CRAZY!