Friday, February 25, 2005


Scriputure for today: " A friend loveth at all times" Proverbs 17:17

Life's small treasures..

For me, this time of year can feel a little lonely. After the hype of the holidays are over, the new years resolutions have flopped and the chill of the cold weather sets in, I can feel a little slump. But what better way to lift one's spirits than to fellowship with a good friend.

I had and opportunity to share yesterday afternoon with a good friend who also homeschools her children. As home school moms we share a lifestyle and concerns that I really don't think other moms understand. Having the opportunity to encourage, be encouraged, share views , opinions, and just good old laughter, is great for the mind, body and spirit. :-)

Today is Friday (Fun Friday)! We will finish a family project today (painting) and have dinner out this evening. (No cooking for me!) Later this evening I will work on my lesson plans for next week.

On to my first cup of coffee......

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