Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Scripture of the day: "Better a little with righteousness than much gain with injustice." Proverbs 16:8

Good Morning! I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday. Yesterday was a good day. I did do a little schooling ( I couldn't resist) but everything went well. We've been enjoying hubby at home working on a few family projects. It was a long day--my oldest had practice last evening for a church group activity and we didn't return home until 9:45 pm...... zzzzzz -- I was pooped.

I am going to continue to take it easy and do a little planning for next weeks lessons. My daughter is in the 6th grade. I am beginning to look ahead for curriculum next year. This is a fun time of the year. I can't believe she will be in the 7th grade next year.--Time Flies!

We are currently using the following curriculum:
Math: Saxon Algebra 1/2, Spelling: Abeka6 Spelling, Vocabulary and Poetry ( We don't follow the poetry selections, we select separate memory work), Latin:Latina Christiana I DVD (highly recommended), Logic :Fallacy Detective, Mindbenders and other logic puzzles, History: We are just beginning 1850-Present. In the past I have used Biblioplan but I am going to follow the WTM approach using KF and Library books etc. English: Rod & Staff 6. For Science we have been using Apologia's Exploring Creation with General Science. Art/Music Studying various artists and composers of the time period. Plenty of Reading apprx. 1hr or more per day.

As you prepare for the next "year's" studies, what is your greatest challenge?

My greatest challenge is the scheduling aspect of planning, and not overdoing it. I have an infant this year and it has definately made me relax a little more. Next year she will be a toddler, and I'm sure I'll have to make more adjustments to our daily schedule.


Randi said...


My greatest challenge is wading thru stacks of curriculum catalogs (I love that part) while trying to keep the price down. If it were up to me, I would spend gobs of money on books and extra stuff-science kits, puzzles, games, etc.-but of course reality and the budget don't allow it!

I use a lot of the same curriculum that you use. We discovered Apologia Science a couple of years ago and the kids love it. Another favorite is Fallacy Detective and Mindbenders.

I will visit your site again soon.

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