Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Do you sabotage your homeschool?

I am still in the process of planning for our next school year. I came across this information last year. It really makes me think about how I approach "schooling" and a few areas that I fall short in that could really help my days go smoother. I thought that I would share it:

Do You Sabotage Your Homeschool? If you answer “no” to one of the questions below, you might consider if this is an area that is sabotaging your homeschool. All families are different, so what works for one may not work for another. At the same time, most of what is compiled in this handout comes straight from homeschool moms and their experiences. Have an open mind and ask yourself, “Do *I* sabotage *my* homeschool?”
Do you have children that know what you expect, and show you respect? (Bad attitudes ring the death toll for a happy homeschooling atmosphere.)If they were to follow your example, would your children be learning to manage their time wisely? Most of the time

Do you discipline yourself so that you are not sidetracked by the computer in the morning? (You know… “I’m just going to quickly check my e-mail this morning...” and then school starts an hour late with a guilt ridden, grumpy mom. Not a pretty sight! ) EEEK!

Do you use the answering machine during school time? (Even if you are not helping a student right at that moment, you will not be as available if you are chatting on the phone. You might also be distracting them if the students are younger.) NO, I stick to this one

Do you have some sort of lesson plan? (If you shoot at nothing, you will always hit it! “Winging it” can be so stressful, and usually does not produce what a well thought out plan can generate.) Yes, I love checking things off.

Do you look over your lessons ahead of time? (If you try to prepare materials while the student is sitting there, you will totally lose their attention, as well as waste their time.) Not always

Do you have all school supplies ready to use? (i.e. pencils sharpened, paper well stocked, everything in a special place so that it’s accessible) Yes

Do you have supplies ready for projects and reports? (Don’t wait to visit the library the day the unit begins.)Most of the time

Do you have realistic plans for the day? (Don’t over burden yourself, or your children, with “too much to do, and not enough time”.)Are you careful to plan ahead for the unexpected? (Don’t let things like your monthly cycle, company, events, etc., take you off guard.) Sometimes I am guilty for overscheduling. This is definitely an area that I need to work on.

Can you be flexible, but not too flexible? (There is a necessary balance!)Are you careful not to make appointments during school hours? (doctor, hair, friends, etc.) Allowing visitors during school hours can also become very disruptive to quality school time. I have gotten better over the years at learning to be flexible ( I have an infant!)

Do you have a regular bedtime, and rising time, for you and the children?Are you eating, and feeding your family, a well-balanced diet for health and energy. Mostly

Do you have a regular time to start school? Yes

Are you careful about excessive outside activities (soccer, ballet, karate, art class, etc.)? (Running from one activity to another eats up valuable “home time”, and will burnout kids as well as mom. The activity might be legitimate, but is it necessary? ) I need to work on this one. I 'v e gotten burned out with all the running and having a little one. This will change for next year.

Are *you* over committed to outside activities? (Learn to say, “No”! Others should not have priority over your family and homeschool.) No

Do you have a regular schedule for household duties? (Everything always runs smoother with a plan.)
Is your house clutter free? Working on it (books!)

Do you have your children help with household duties? (Training and education should not just be in academics. All children can do chores that are appropriate to their ages.) Yes, but could do more

Are your curriculum choices stable? (Jumping from one curriculum to another can be costly. Do not feel the need to purchase every new curriculum on the market. Careful thought and research can really pay off in the end. Also, try to find some who is using the program you are interested in. Ask for their input, and if you can come and take a look at it first hand.) Pretty stable

Are you enjoying the learning process? (Sometimes we can lose sight of the joys of homeschooling because we become obsessive with finishing a certain amount of workpages, etc.) Yes, Yes, Yes!

Do you ask your husband for his input on school issues? (Disregarding your husband in matters of homeschooling is like shooting yourself in the foot. Don’t forget, he loves those kids, too.) Not as much as I should.

Do you let other moms decide much of the above for your family rather than your husband and you? NO

Do you have a clear vision for what you want to accomplish in your homeschool? Yes


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Michelle L. said...

Loved this! These questions were good for me to think about. Especially about the discipline one for mom!!!!

Randi said...

Hi! I always think it is good to refocus once in a while and a list like this is so helpful!

I have recently seen the need to quit spending so much time in front of the computer-quite often wasted time, better used for other things.

I also need to remind myself to be flexible and let the kids enjoy their learning! It's not all about getting things done.